The first podcast by consultants, for consultants


Hi, I'm Nick and I'm the host of the Climb In Consulting Podcast.

I'm a firm believer that to get to the top you need to learn from, and be guided by, those already in the position you want to achieve.

While working 'in house' I had regular contact with Senior Partners at my firm which helped rapidly accelerate my career. Since moving in to independent Consulting I've had similar mentors but conversations with many colleagues and friends in Consulting has shown me that not everyone has this kind of access to role models and mentors in the industry.

That's why I created this Podcast. To give Consultants who want to rapidly accelerate their careers the mentors and guidance that they need to do this.

In each episode of the Podcast I interview an outstanding leader in the industry that you can learn from. That may be a senior Partner running a major consultancy business, a founding Partner growing their own business or a leading independent Consultant who's building a successful career working for themselves.

Each guest provides their own unique take on how they made it to the top and how you can too. If you want to succeed in the consulting industry this Podcast is a must!