Episode 20 - The 7 Business and Life lessons I've learnt from running a podcast

Nick Synnott

Today’s episode is episode 20 of the podcast and to celebrate reaching 20 episodes I wanted to share my 7 biggest career and life lessons from running the podcast!

The 7 Lessons that I discuss in today’s episode:

  1. The power of Linked In for Business Development

  2. The importance of Personal Brand in today’s business world

  3. Why you should focus on delivering value first

  4. The importance on focusing on the right things and not worrying about making everything perfect

  5. How to delight your customers/clients/guests

  6. The importance of testing and iteration

  7. And why everyone should do a podcast!

Things I mentioned in today’s show:

Matt Cheung’s interview - https://www.climbinconsulting.com/podcast/matt-cheung-clarasys  

Kano Analysis - https://medium.com/design-ibm/kano-model-ways-to-use-it-and-not-use-it-1d205a9cf808    

Tim Ferriss – Fear Setting - https://www.ted.com/talks/tim_ferriss_why_you_should_define_your_fears_instead_of_your_goals